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Zen Coding's settings parser
Created on Jun 14, 2009
@author: sergey
from copy import deepcopy
import re
import types
from zen_settings import zen_settings
_original_settings = deepcopy(zen_settings)
TYPE_EXPANDO = 'zen-expando',
TYPE_REFERENCE = 'zen-reference';
""" Reference to another abbreviation or tag """
re_tag = r'^<([\w\-]+(?:\:[\w\-]+)?)((?:\s+[\w\-]+(?:\s*=\s*(?:(?:"[^"]*")|(?:\'[^\']*\')|[^>\s]+))?)*)\s*(\/?)>'
"Regular expression for XML tag matching"
re_attrs = r'([\w\-]+)\s*=\s*([\'"])(.*?)\2'
"Regular expression for matching XML attributes"
class Entry:
Unified object for parsed data
def __init__(self, entry_type, key, value):
@type entry_type: str
@type key: str
@type value: dict
self.type = entry_type
self.key = key
self.value = value
def _make_expando(key, value):
Make expando from string
@type key: str
@type value: str
@return: Entry
return Entry(TYPE_EXPANDO, key, value)
def _make_abbreviation(key, tag_name, attrs, is_empty=False):
Make abbreviation from string
@param key: Abbreviation key
@type key: str
@param tag_name: Expanded element's tag name
@type tag_name: str
@param attrs: Expanded element's attributes
@type attrs: str
@param is_empty: Is expanded element empty or not
@type is_empty: bool
@return: dict
result = {
'name': tag_name,
'is_empty': is_empty
if attrs:
result['attributes'] = [];
for m in re.findall(re_attrs, attrs):
'name': m[0],
'value': m[2]
return Entry(TYPE_ABBREVIATION, key, result)
def _parse_abbreviations(obj):
Parses all abbreviations inside dictionary
@param obj: dict
for key, value in obj.items():
key = key.strip()
if key[-1] == '+':
# this is expando, leave 'value' as is
obj[key] = _make_expando(key, value)
m =, value)
if m:
obj[key] = _make_abbreviation(key,,, ( == '/'))
# assume it's reference to another abbreviation
obj[key] = Entry(TYPE_REFERENCE, key, value)
def parse(settings):
Parse user's settings. This function must be called *before* any activity
in zen coding (for example, expanding abbreviation)
@type settings: dict
for p, value in settings.items():
if p == 'abbreviations':
elif p == 'extends':
settings[p] = [v.strip() for v in value.split(',')]
elif type(value) == types.DictType:
def extend(parent, child):
Recursevly extends parent dictionary with children's keys. Used for merging
default settings with user's
@type parent: dict
@type child: dict
for p, value in child.items():
if type(value) == types.DictType:
if p not in parent:
parent[p] = {}
extend(parent[p], value)
parent[p] = value
def create_maps(obj):
Create hash maps on certain string properties of zen settings
@type obj: dict
for p, value in obj.items():
if p == 'element_types':
for k, v in value.items():
if isinstance(v, str):
value[k] = [el.strip() for el in v.split(',')]
elif type(value) == types.DictType:
if __name__ == '__main__':
def get_settings(user_settings=None):
Main function that gather all settings and returns parsed dictionary
@param user_settings: A dictionary of user-defined settings
settings = deepcopy(_original_settings)
if user_settings:
user_settings = deepcopy(user_settings)
extend(settings, user_settings)
# now we need to parse final set of settings
return settings