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Colors is a game that I originally wrote back in 1991 while in college. The original game was written in Turbo Pascal and Assembler.

I started this project to learn how game development was done in Javascript with Phaser.

This turned out to be a fun project, and I hope people have fun with the game and maybe learn a thing or two about Phaser.


This game is an early work-in-progress!

I will try to make sure that the code checked into github is working and functional, but I make no promises right now!

Running the Game

Deploy everything in the src directory to a web server. Have fun.

Playing the game

Colors is a Tetris-like game where colored pieces fall into a pit. Blocks are made of different colors. While the blocks cannot be rotate, the colors inside of the block can be shifted.

Blocks are removed from the board when a match of three or greater blocks of the same color is formed. Block chains can be formed horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

Once the pit fills up, the game is over.


All control is currently by keyboard.

The following keys are used to move a piece:

  • Left Arrow - move piece to the Left
  • Right Arrow - move the piece to the Right
  • Down Arrow - move the piece Down
  • Up Arrow - rotate the piece colors upwards
  • Space - drop the piece to the bottom

The additional controls are available:

  • Escape - pause


This game would not be possible without:

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