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This plugin adds full text search capabilities and many other nifty features from Apache‘s Solr to any Rails model.

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acts_as_solr Rails plugin

This plugin adds full text search capabilities and many other nifty features from Apache's Solr to any Rails model. It was based on the first draft by Erik Hatcher.

Current Release

The current stable release is v0.9 and was released on 06-18-2007.


Please refer to the CHANGE_LOG



Basic Usage

# Just include the line below to any of your ActiveRecord models:

# Or if you want, you can specify only the fields that should be indexed:
  acts_as_solr :fields => [:name, :author]

# Then to find instances of your model, just do:
  Model.find_by_solr(query) #query is a string representing your query

# Please see ActsAsSolr::ActsMethods for a complete info


Erik Hatcher: First draft
Thiago Jackiw: Current developer (tjackiw at gmail dot com)

Release Information

Released under the MIT license.

More info

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