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  1. A Julia-Erlang module for using the External Term Format from Julia

    Julia 13 8

  2. sockets Public

    A new sockets library for Clojure, wrapping Java sockets (UDP, TCP, SSL)

    Clojure 5 2

  3. clj-xbee Public

    Clojure Wrapper for Digi's Official XBee Java Library

    Clojure 4 2

  4. A Clojure utility library for faster CLIs with async UDP clients/servers

    Clojure 4 2

  5. kanin Public

    PROJECT MOVED! Now in the lfex Github org ...

    Erlang 3 5

  6. Clojure wrapper for Java InetAddress (& Inet4Address, Inet6Address, NetworkInterface)

    Clojure 3 1


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