Arduino function scheduler library: runs your C function at a specified interval, like the Bitlash run command
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The Run Library

This is a little Arduino library that makes it easy to run several functions asynchronously at specified intervals (like the Bitlash 'run' command). Scheduling is non-preemptive and round-robin, so your functions mustn't hog the CPU. (Don't even think of calling delay(); that behavior is what this library is intended to extinguish.)

If you need to run more than 10 functions, increase NUMRUNS in run.cpp.

Run Library API

There are three functions:

run(function, interval)

  • Schedules your C function to run at the given interval (in ms)
  • Call this from setup()
  • Your function must be declared to be of type void myFunc(void) (see toggle13 below)
  • If interval is 0 your function is run 'as often as possible'
  • Even magic can't make your 20 ms function run every 10 ms
  • So, don't let your functions hog the CPU.
  • Don't even think of calling delay()


  • Runs the scheduled functions
  • Call this from loop()


  • Call this from your C function to set a different function sleep interval (in ms)


This example sketch toggles pin 13 every 100ms and pin 12 every 125 ms.

You'll find it in the examples/run folder.

#include "run.h"
void toggle13(void) {
    digitalWrite(13, !digitalRead(13));
void toggle12(void) {
    digitalWrite(12, !digitalRead(12));
void setup(void) {
    pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
    run(toggle13, 100);     // call run() to schedule toggle13 every 100 ms

    pinMode(12, OUTPUT);
    run(toggle12, 125);     // call run() to schedule toggle12 every 125 ms
void loop(void) {
    runner();               // call runner() to run the function scheduler