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% !TEX program = xelatex
%\usepackage{zh_CN-Adobefonts_external} % Simplified Chinese Support using external fonts (./fonts/zh_CN-Adobe/)
%\usepackage{zh_CN-Adobefonts_internal} % Simplified Chinese Support using system fonts
\pagenumbering{gobble} % suppress displaying page number
\name{Bin Yuan}
\email{} \textperiodcentered\
\phone{(+86) 131-221-87xxx} \textperiodcentered\
\section{\faGraduationCap\ Education}
\datedsubsection{\textbf{Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)}, Shanghai, China}{2013 -- Present}
\textit{Master student} in Electronics Engineering (EE), expected March 2016
\datedsubsection{\textbf{Xidian University}, Shaanxi, China}{2009 -- 2013}
\textit{B.S.} in Electronics Engineering (EE)
\section{\faUsers\ Experience}
\datedsubsection{\textbf{FLAG Inc.} California, America}{2012 -- Present}
\role{Summer Intern}{Manager: xxx}
Brief introduction: xxx.
\item Implemented xxx feature
\item Optimized xxx 5\%
\item xxx
\datedsubsection{\textbf{xxx Projects}}{Jan. 2015 -- Present}
\role{C, Python, Django, Linux}{Individual Projects, collaborated with xxx}
Brief introduction: xxx
\item Implemented xxx feature
\item Optimized xxx 5\%
\item xxx
\datedsubsection{\textbf{\LaTeX\ résumé template}}{May. 2015 -- Present}
\role{\LaTeX, Maintainer}{Individual Projects}
An elegant \LaTeX\ résumé template,
\item Easy to be further customized or extended
\item Full support for unicode characters (e.g. CJK) with \XeLaTeX\
\item FontAwesome 4.5.0 support
% Reference Test
%\datedsubsection{\textbf{Paper Title\cite{zaharia2012resilient}}}{May. 2015}
%An xxx optimized for xxx\cite{verma2015large}
% \item main contribution
\section{\faCogs\ Skills}
\item Programming Languages: C == Python > C++ > Java
\item Platform: Linux
\item Development: Web, xxx
\section{\faHeartO\ Honors and Awards}
\datedline{\textit{\nth{1} Prize}, Award on xxx }{Jun. 2013}
\datedline{Other awards}{2015}
\section{\faInfo\ Miscellaneous}
\item Blog:
\item GitHub:
\item Languages: English - Fluent, Mandarin - Native speaker
%% Reference
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