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; -*- mode: lisp -*-
;;; The Truledger JSON webapp server
;;; See www/doc/json.txt (http://truledger.com/doc/json.txt) for spec.
(in-package :truledger-json)
;; Called from do-truledger-json in server-web.lisp
;; Returns a JSON string.
(defun json-server ()
(let* ((client (make-client (client-db-dir))))
(let* ((res (catch 'error-return
(json-server-internal client)
(error (c)
(json-error "~a" c)))
(finalize client))))
(str (ignore-errors (json:encode-json-to-string res))))
(or str
(catch 'error-return
(json-error "Unencodable result: ~s" res)))))))
(defun json-error (format-string &rest format-args)
(throw 'error-return
`(("@type" . "error")
("message" . ,(apply #'format nil format-string format-args)))))
(defparameter *json-commands*
(defparameter *json-dispatch-table* nil)
(defparameter *last-json-commands* nil)
(defun json-dispatch-table ()
(if (eq *json-commands* *last-json-commands*)
(let ((hash (make-hash-table :test #'equal :size (length *json-commands*))))
(lambda (command)
(setf (gethash command hash)
(intern (format nil "JSON-~a"
(if (listp command) (car command) command)))
(setf *json-dispatch-table* hash)
(setf *last-json-commands* *json-commands*)))))
(defun get-json-command-function (command)
(or (gethash command (json-dispatch-table))
(let ((res (gethash (list command) (json-dispatch-table))))
(if res
(values res t)
(json-error "Unknown command: ~a" command)))))
(defun alistp (x)
(when (null x) (return t))
(unless (listp x) (return nil))
(let ((elt (pop x)))
(unless (and (listp elt) (atom (car elt)))
(return nil)))))
(defun json-server-internal (client)
(let* ((json (or (parm "eval") (json-error "Missing eval string")))
(form (json:decode-json-from-string json)))
(unless (and (listp form)
(stringp (first form))
(listp (cdr form))
(alistp (second form))
(null (cddr form)))
(json-error "Eval form must be [command,{arg:value,...}]"))
(let ((args (second form)))
(multiple-value-bind (fun no-login-p)
(get-json-command-function (first form))
(unless no-login-p
(%login-json client args))
(funcall fun client args)))))
(defun assoc-json-value (key alist)
(cdr (assoc key alist :test #'string-equal)))
(defun blank-to-nil (x)
(if (blankp x) nil x))
(defmacro with-json-args (lambda-list args-alist &body body)
(let ((args-var (gensym "ARGS")))
`(let ((,args-var ,args-alist))
(let ,(loop for var-spec in lambda-list
for var = (if (listp var-spec) (first var-spec) var-spec)
for default = (and (listp var-spec) (second var-spec))
for val-form = `(blank-to-nil
,(string-downcase (string var)) ,args-var))
collect `(,var ,(if default
`(or ,val-form ,default)
(defun parse-proxy (proxy)
(check-type proxy (or null string))
(unless (blankp proxy)
(let ((colon-pos (position #\: proxy :from-end t)))
(unless colon-pos
(json-error "Proxy must be host:port"))
(let ((host (subseq proxy 0 colon-pos))
(port (subseq proxy (1+ colon-pos))))
(unless (ignore-errors
(setf port (parse-integer port)))
(json-error "Proxy port not an integer: ~s" proxy))
(when (string-equal host "localhost")
(setf host ""))
(list host port)))))
(defun ensure-string (var name &optional optionalp)
(unless (or (and optionalp (null var))
(stringp var))
(json-error "~a must be a string" name)))
(defun ensure-integer (var name &optional optionalp)
(unless (or (and optionalp (null var))
(integerp var))
(json-error "~a must be an integer" name)))
(defun json-newuser (client args)
(with-json-args (passphrase) args
(json-newuser-internal client passphrase args)
(when (stringp passphrase)
(destroy-password passphrase)))))
(defun json-newuser-internal (client passphrase args)
(with-json-args (keysize name privkey fetchprivkey url coupon proxy)
(ensure-string passphrase "passphrase")
(when (stringp keysize) (setf keysize (parse-integer keysize)))
(ensure-integer keysize "keysize" t)
(ensure-string name "name" t)
(ensure-string privkey "privkey" t)
(ensure-string url "url" t)
(ensure-string coupon "coupon" t)
(ensure-string proxy "proxy" t)
(when (cond (keysize (or privkey fetchprivkey))
(privkey fetchprivkey)
((not fetchprivkey)
"One of keysize, privkey, and fetchprivkey must be included")))
"Only one of keysize, privkey, and fetchprivkey may be included"))
(when (and url coupon)
(error "Only one of url and coupon may be included"))
(when (passphrase-exists-p client passphrase)
(json-error "There is already a client account for passphrase"))
(when proxy
(setf proxy (parse-proxy proxy)))
(when fetchprivkey
(unless url
(json-error "url required to fetch private key from server"))
(verify-server client url nil proxy)
(when fetchprivkey
(setf privkey (fetch-privkey client url passphrase
:http-proxy proxy))
(error (c)
(json-error "Error fetching private key from ~a: ~a"
url c)))))
(cond ((and privkey url)
;; Make sure we've got an account.
(verify-private-key client privkey passphrase url proxy))
((not coupon)
(when (server-db-exists-p)
(json-error "Coupon must be included to create new account")))
(let ((url (parse-coupon coupon)))
(verify-coupon client coupon nil url :http-proxy proxy)
(error (c)
(json-error "Coupon didn't verify: ~a" c))))))
(newuser client :passphrase passphrase :privkey (or privkey keysize))
(let ((session (login-new-session client passphrase)))
;; Not calling maybe-start-server here. Maybe I should
(addserver client (or coupon url) :name name :couponok t
:http-proxy proxy)
(error (c)
(logout client)
(json-error "Failed to add server: ~a" c)))
(when fetchprivkey
(setf (privkey-cached-p client) t))
(defun json-getprivkey (client args)
(with-json-args (passphrase) args
(when (blankp passphrase)
(json-error "Passphrase required for getprivkey"))
(login client passphrase)
(encode-rsa-private-key (privkey client) passphrase)))
(defun json-login (client args)
(with-json-args (passphrase) args
(when (blankp passphrase)
(json-error "Passphrase required for login"))
(let ((session (login-new-session client passphrase)))
(%setserver-json client)
(defun %setserver-json (client)
(let ((serverid (user-preference client "serverid")))
(ignore-errors (setserver client serverid nil))
(or (serverid client)
(dolist (server (getservers client))
(setserver client (server-info-id server))
(setf (user-preference client "serverid") serverid)
(return (server-info-id server)))))))
(defun %login-json (client args)
(with-json-args (session) args
(unless session
(json-error "Missing session arg"))
(login-with-sessionid client session)
(%setserver-json client)
(initialize-client-history client)))
(defun json-logout (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(logout client))
(defun json-getuser (client args)
(with-json-args (id) args
(unless id (setf id (id client)))
(multiple-value-bind (pubkeysig name) (get-id client id)
(unless pubkeysig
(json-error "There is no user with id: ~a" id))
`(("@type" . "user")
("id" . ,id)
,@(%json-optional "name" name)))))
(defun json-getpubkey (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(pubkey client))
(defun json-getserver (client args)
(with-json-args (serverid) args
(unless serverid
(setf serverid (serverid client))
(unless serverid
(json-error "There is no current server")))
(let ((server (or (getserver client serverid)
(json-error "There is no server with id: ~a" serverid))))
(%json-server-alist server client))))
(defun %json-server-alist (server client)
`(("@type" . "server")
("id" . ,(server-info-id server))
("name" . ,(server-info-name server))
("url" . ,(server-info-url server))
,@(let ((host (server-info-proxy-host server)))
(when host
,(format nil "~s:~d"
host (server-info-proxy-port server))))))
("privkeycached" . ,(privkey-cached-p client (server-info-id server)))))
(defun json-getservers (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(loop for server in (getservers client)
collect (%json-server-alist server client)))
(defun json-addserver (client args)
(with-json-args (coupon name proxy) args
(ensure-string coupon "coupon")
(addserver client coupon :name name :http-proxy (parse-proxy proxy))
(serverid client)))
(defun json-setserver (client args)
(with-json-args (serverid) args
(setserver client serverid)
(setf (user-preference client "serverid") serverid)
(defun json-current-server (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(serverid client))
(defun json-privkey-cached? (client args)
(with-json-args (serverid) args
(privkey-cached-p client serverid)))
(defun json-cache-privkey (client args)
(with-json-args (session serverid uncache) args
(unless (or (null serverid) (equal serverid (serverid client)))
(setserver client serverid))
(cache-privkey client session uncache)))
(defun json-getcontact (client args)
(with-json-args (id) args
(unless id
(json-error "Missing ID arg"))
(let ((contact (getcontact client id)))
(unless contact
(json-error "There is no contact with id: ~a" id))
(%json-contact-alist contact))))
(defun %json-optional (name value)
(unless (blankp value)
`((,name . ,value))))
(defun %json-contact-alist (contact)
`(("@type" . "contact")
("id" . ,(contact-id contact))
("name" . ,(contact-name contact))
,@(%json-optional "nickname" (contact-nickname contact))
,@(%json-optional "note" (contact-note contact))))
(defun json-getcontacts (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(loop for contact in (getcontacts client)
collect (%json-contact-alist contact)))
(defun json-addcontact (client args)
(with-json-args (id nickname note) args
(addcontact client id nickname note)
(defun json-deletecontact (client args)
(with-json-args (id) args
(deletecontact client id)))
(defun json-sync-contacts (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(sync-contacts client)
(defun json-getasset (client args)
(with-json-args (assetid forceserver) args
(let ((asset (getasset client assetid forceserver)))
(unless asset
(json-error "There is no asset with id: ~a" assetid))
(%json-asset-alist asset))))
(defun %json-asset-alist (asset)
`(("@type" . "asset")
("id" . ,(asset-id asset))
("assetid" . ,(asset-assetid asset))
("scale" . ,(parse-integer (asset-scale asset)))
("precision" . ,(parse-integer (asset-precision asset)))
("name" . ,(asset-name asset))
,@(%json-optional "issuer" (asset-issuer asset))
,@(%json-optional "percent" (asset-percent asset))))
(defun json-getassets (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(loop for asset in (getassets client)
collect (%json-asset-alist asset)))
(defun json-addasset (client args)
(with-json-args (scale precision assetname percent) args
(unless (and (typep scale '(integer 0))
(typep precision '(integer 0)))
(json-error "scale and precision must be positive integers"))
(unless (and (stringp assetname)
(not (blankp assetname)))
(error "assetname must be a non-blank string"))
(unless (or (null percent) (stringp percent))
(error "percent must be null or a string"))
(asset-assetid (addasset client
(as-string scale)
(as-string precision)
assetname percent))))
(defun json-getfees (client args)
(with-json-args (reload) args
(multiple-value-bind (tranfee regfee other-fees)
(getfees client reload)
(loop for fee in (list* tranfee regfee other-fees)
collect (%json-fee-alist fee)))))
(defun %json-fee-alist (fee)
`(("@type" . "fee")
("type" . ,(fee-type fee))
("assetid" . ,(fee-assetid fee))
("assetname" . ,(fee-assetname fee))
("amount" . ,(fee-amount fee))
("formattedamount" . ,(fee-formatted-amount fee))))
(defun json-getbalance (client args)
(with-json-args (assetid acct) args
(unless acct (setf acct $MAIN))
(let ((bal (getbalance client acct assetid)))
(%json-balance-alist bal))))
(defun %json-balance-alist (bal)
`(("@type" . "balance")
("acct" . ,(balance-acct bal))
("assetid" . ,(balance-assetid bal))
("assetname" . ,(balance-assetname bal))
("amount" . ,(balance-amount bal))
("time" . ,(balance-time bal))
("formattedamount" . ,(balance-formatted-amount bal))))
(defun json-getbalances (client args)
(with-json-args (assetid acct) args
(let ((bals (getbalance client (or acct t) assetid)))
(unless (listp bals)
(setf bals `((,acct ,bals))))
(loop for acct.bals in bals
nconc (loop for bal in (cdr acct.bals)
collect (%json-balance-alist bal))))))
(defun json-getfraction (client args)
(with-json-args (assetid) args
(unless (stringp assetid)
(json-error "assetid must be a string"))
(let ((fraction (getfraction client assetid)))
(%json-fraction-alist fraction))))
(defun %json-fraction-alist (fraction)
`(("@type" . "fraction")
("assetid" . ,(fraction-assetid fraction))
("assetname" . ,(fraction-assetname fraction))
("amount" . ,(fraction-amount fraction))
("sclae" . ,(fraction-scale fraction))))
(defun json-getfractions (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(loop for fraction in (getfraction client)
collect (%json-fraction-alist fraction)))
(defun json-getstoragefee (client args)
(with-json-args (assetid) args
(unless (stringp assetid)
(json-error "assetid must be a string"))
(let ((fee (getstoragefee client assetid)))
(%json-storagefee-alist fee))))
(defun %json-storagefee-alist (fee)
`(("@type" . "storagefee")
("assetid" . ,(balance-assetid fee))
("assetname" . ,(balance-assetname fee))
("amount" . ,(balance-amount fee))
("time" . ,(balance-time fee))
("formattedamount". ,(balance-formatted-amount fee))
("fraction" . ,(balance+fraction-fraction fee))))
(defun json-getstoragefees (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(loop for fee in (getstoragefee client)
collect (%json-storagefee-alist fee)))
(defun json-spend (client args)
(with-json-args (toid assetid formattedamount acct note) args
(unless toid
(unless (and (listp acct) (eql (length acct) 2))
(json-error "toid blank but acct not a list of length 2"))
(setf toid (id client)))
(let* ((plist (spend client toid assetid formattedamount acct note)))
`(("@type" . "spendresult")
,@(%json-optional "transaction-fee" (getf plist :transaction-fee))
,@(%json-optional "storage-fee" (getf plist :storage-fee))
,@(%json-optional "coupon" (getcoupon client))))))
(defun json-spend-reject (client args)
(with-json-args (time note) args
(spendreject client time note)
(defun json-is-history-enabled? (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(keep-history-p client))
(defun json-set-history-enabled (client args)
(with-json-args (enabled) args
(setf (keep-history-p client) enabled)))
(defun json-get-history-times (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(gethistorytimes client))
(defun json-get-history-items (client args)
(with-json-args (time) args
(let* ((items (or (gethistoryitems client time)
(return-from json-get-history-items nil)))
(item (car items))
(request (and item (getarg $REQUEST item)))
(res nil))
(cond ((equal request $SPEND)
(let ((fromid (id client))
(toid (getarg $ID item))
(amount (getarg $AMOUNT item))
(formattedamount (getarg $FORMATTEDAMOUNT item))
(assetid (getarg $ASSET item))
(assetname (getarg $ASSETNAME item))
(note (maybe-decrypt-note client (getarg $NOTE item))))
(push `(("@type" . "history")
("time" . ,time)
("request" . ,request)
("fromid" . ,fromid)
("toid" . ,toid)
("amount" . ,amount)
("formattedamount" . ,formattedamount)
("assetid" . ,assetid)
("assetname" . ,assetname)
,@(%json-optional "note" note))
((equal request $PROCESSINBOX)
with id = (id client)
while items
with req
with cancelp
with toid
with coupon-redeemer-p
with fromid
with amount
with formattedamount
with assetid
with assetname
with note
with response
while items
for item = (pop items)
for request = (getarg $REQUEST item)
for last-toid = toid
(cond ((or (equal request $SPENDACCEPT)
(equal request $SPENDREJECT))
(when req
(push item items)
(setf req (if (equal request $SPENDACCEPT)
"accept" "reject"))
cancelp (equal (getarg $CUSTOMER item) id)
response (maybe-decrypt-note
client (getarg $NOTE item))
toid (getarg $CUSTOMER item)))
((equal request $SPEND)
fromid (getarg $CUSTOMER item)
toid (getarg $ID item))
(when (and (not (blankp last-toid))
(equal toid $COUPON))
(setf coupon-redeemer-p t))
(setf amount (getarg $AMOUNT item)
formattedamount (getarg $FORMATTEDAMOUNT item)
assetid (getarg $ASSET item)
assetname (getarg $ASSETNAME item)
note (maybe-decrypt-note
client (getarg $NOTE item)))
(when (equal (getarg $ATREQUEST item)
(setf req (stringify
req (if cancelp "=~a" "@~a")))))))
(when (and req (not (blankp amount)))
(push `(("@type" . "history")
("time" . ,time)
("request" . ,req)
("fromid" . ,fromid)
("toid" . ,toid)
("is-coupon?" . ,coupon-redeemer-p)
("amount" . ,amount)
("formattedamount" . ,formattedamount)
("assetid" . ,assetid)
("assetname" . ,assetname)
,@(%json-optional "note" note)
,@(%json-optional "response" response))
(setf req nil
fromid nil
toid nil
coupon-redeemer-p nil
amount nil
formattedamount nil
assetid nil
assetname nil
note nil
response nil))))
(nreverse res))))
(defun json-remove-history-items (client args)
(with-json-args (time) args
(removehistoryitem client time)
(defun json-getinbox (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(let ((items (getinbox client)))
(loop for item in items
collect `(("@type" . "inbox")
("request" . ,(inbox-request item))
("id" . ,(inbox-id item))
("time" . ,(inbox-time item))
("msgtime" . ,(inbox-msgtime item))
("assetid" . ,(inbox-assetid item))
("assetname" . ,(inbox-assetname item))
("amount" . ,(inbox-amount item))
("formattedamount" . ,(inbox-formattedamount item))
,@(%json-optional "note" (inbox-note item))
,@(%json-optional "reply" (inbox-reply item))
(loop for fee in (inbox-items item)
when (typep fee 'inbox)
`((:@type . "fee")
(:time . ,(inbox-time fee))
(:request . ,(inbox-request fee))
(:assetid . ,(inbox-assetid fee))
(:assetname . ,(inbox-assetname fee))
(:amount . ,(inbox-amount fee))
(:formattedamount ,(inbox-formattedamount fee)))))))))
(defun json-get (key alist)
(cdr (assoc key alist :test #'equal)))
(defun nil-if-blank (x)
(if (blankp x) nil x))
(defun json-processinbox (client args)
(with-json-args (directions) args
(setf directions
(loop for dir in directions
collect (make-process-inbox
:time (json-get :time dir)
:request (json-get :request dir)
:note (nil-if-blank (json-get :note dir))
:acct (nil-if-blank (json-get :acct dir)))))
(processinbox client directions)
(defun json-storagefees (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(storagefees client)
(defun json-getoutbox (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(loop for item in (getoutbox client)
collect `((:@type . "outbox")
(:time . ,(outbox-time item))
(:id . ,(outbox-id item))
(:request . ,(outbox-request item))
(:assetid . ,(outbox-assetid item))
(:assetname . ,(outbox-assetname item))
(:amount . ,(outbox-amount item))
(:formattedamount . ,(outbox-formattedamount item))
,@(%json-optional :note (outbox-note item))
,@(%json-optional :items
(loop for fee in (outbox-items item)
when (typep fee 'outbox)
`((:@type . "fee")
(:time . ,(outbox-time fee))
(:request . ,(outbox-request fee))
(:assetid . ,(outbox-assetid fee))
(:assetname . ,(outbox-assetname fee))
(:amount . ,(outbox-amount fee))
(:formattedamount ,(outbox-formattedamount fee)))))
,@(%json-optional :coupons
(loop for coupon in (outbox-coupons item)
collect coupon)))))
(defun json-redeem (client args)
(with-json-args (coupon) args
;; Allow a coupon number or a coupon
(unless (coupon-number-p coupon)
(setf coupon
(handler-case (nth-value 1 (parse-coupon coupon))
(error ()
(json-error "Malformed-coupon: ~a" coupon)))))
(redeem client coupon)
(defun json-getversion (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(multiple-value-bind (version time) (getversion client t)
`((:@type . "version")
(:version . ,version)
(:time . ,time))))
(defun json-get-permissions (client args)
(with-json-args (permission reload) args
(loop for perm in (get-permissions client permission reload)
collect (%json-permission-alist perm))))
(defun %json-permission-alist (perm)
`((:@type . "permission")
(:id . ,(permission-id perm))
(:toid . ,(permission-toid perm))
(:permission . ,(permission-permission perm))
(:grant . ,(permission-grant-p perm))
,@(%json-optional :time (permission-time perm))))
(defun json-get-granted-permissions (client args)
(declare (ignore args))
(loop for perm in (get-granted-permissions client)
collect (%json-permission-alist perm)))
(defun json-grant (client args)
(with-json-args (toid permission grant) args
(grant client toid permission grant)
(defun json-deny (client args)
(with-json-args (toid permission) args
(deny client toid permission)
(defun json-audit (client args)
(with-json-args (assetid) args
(multiple-value-bind (formattedamount fraction amount)
(audit client assetid)
`((:@type . "audit")
(:amount . ,amount)
(:formattedamount . ,formattedamount)
(:fraction . ,fraction)))))
;;; Copyright 2012 Bill St. Clair
;;; Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
;;; you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
;;; You may obtain a copy of the License at
;;; http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
;;; Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
;;; distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
;;; WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
;;; See the License for the specific language governing permissions
;;; and limitations under the License.