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ZAP Meme

This is the meme maker I've always wanted. There are a lot of them out there, but this one works entirely from a single HTML file, which you can download and keep your own copy of, if you like. It has no dependency on a server for anything but that. Everything is stored in your browser's local storage database.

The project is live at

There's a list of bugs and features in

During development, the code lives in index.html and some JS files, plus elm.js, for the compiled Elm code. Once it works, I'll append all the JS and images inside of index.html for shipping.

The code runs in elm reactor, though not everything will work there.

git clone
cd zapmeme
elm reactor

Then aim your browser at http://localhost:8000/src/Main.elm

Technical details

In order to size the text to the background image, we need to know the size of the uploaded background image. This relies on the HtmlImageElement.naturalWidth and HtmlImageElement.naturalHeight properties, as documented at They are accessed in Elm via CustomElement.ImageProperties.

I plan to use the ideas in Matti Paksula's From SVG to Canvas and Back to enable converting the meme to a PNG file for download.

Samuli Kaipiainen's code based on Paksula's paper is live at, and is stored locally in site/butterfly-test.html and site/svg-to-data-url.js (and site/base64.js for IE). The NPM package that generated the initial version of svg-to-data-url.js is at

You can run the local copy by starting elm reactor as documented above, and aiming your browser at http://localhost:8000/site/butterfly-test.html.

I plan to support all the fonts at You'll just have to name one of them, and it will be added to the <head> and CSS automatically. Out of the box, I'm supporting the safe fonts listed at with CSS at

Copyright 2019, Bill St. Clair
Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.


The meme maker I've always wanted







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