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Signup Example Application (Angular)

This project is an example of a basic Signup application in Angular by using SubscriptionJS and REST API through billwerk node wrapper

IMPORTANT! Before you launch the application

  • Clone repo git clone
  • Run npm install in the cloned repo to install all dependencies
  • Login to your account on Sandbox server
  • Make sure that your account has any active planvariants (Products)
    • Allow signup via selfservice in the planvariant itself
    • If you see "undefined" in the planvariant selection dropdown, please fill the description of the planvariant in the billwerk UI
  • Make sure that your account has set both whitelabel FakeProvider payment methods (Settings/Payment Settings)
  • Populate your settings in src\environment\sandbox\environment.ts:
    • publicApiKey - please visit Settings/Self-Service and copy your Public API Key on General tab
    • clientId and clientSecret - please visit Settings/My Apps, create a new Confidential client and copy Id and Secret

Launch application with Sandbox server

  • Run npm run sandbox or ng serve --c=sandbox in the cloned repo for a sandbox server
  • Navigate to http://localhost:4200/ in your browser
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