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Note! this moudle is developing

ContentReader (module for Omeka S)

This module is a read-tool for content of item in Omeka S.User can concentrate on read content of item in show page.this reader build on Vue - a JavaScript Framework.


Uncompress files in the module directory and rename module folder ContentReader. Then install it like any other Omeka module and follow the config instructions.

See general end user documentation for Installing a module.


After install module, ContentReader will auto show in item page.ContentReader is a read-tool that has two windows, the right side can be used to view the content, the left side can view the media(*.png,*.jpg or *.pdf).The sort binding of the two windows is through the properties 'content' and the sort of 'media'.It is recommended that the paragraphs of the content of item are in the same order as the media of item.

  • for pages You can add new block ContentReader in pages setting, ContentReader of page can get all item in your sites.

  • Blocks Disposition If you use the module Blocks Disposition,you need set string:'ContentReader' in config of Blocks Disposition that ContentReader can show correctly.


Use it at your own risk.

It’s always recommended to backup your files and your databases and to check your archives regularly so you can roll back if needed.

  • Option : GetSelection is not finished.


  • Interface with moudule Selection
  • classified by item set in pages mode


See online issues on the [module issues] page on GitHub.


This module is published under the MIT License.


  • Copyright billxu, 2019-2020 (see billxu on GitHub)