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Broccoli Style Lint

Add stylelint to your broccoli build pipeline with ease.

Currently doesn't support ignored files configuration


npm install --save-dev broccoli-stylelint



var StyleLint = require('broccoli-stylelint');

// path to files that need linting
var node = new StyleLint('app/styles');

the default output will be the same SCSS files, in the same tree structure.


Tests are automatically generated

If tests are generated the plugin will output a tree of test files

original tree

├── scssfile1.sscss
└── nested-dir/
    ├── scssfile2.scss

output tree

├── scssfile1.stylelint-test.js
└── nested-dir/
    ├── scssfile2.stylelint-test.js
var StyleLint = require('broccoli-stylelint');
var Funnel =      require('broccoli-funnel');
// path to files that need linting
var node = new StyleLint('app/styles');

// to extract tests from linter output
new Funnel(node, {

If test generation is disabled the plugin will return the original tree

** Disable test generation ** set the option disableTestGeneration:true

var node = new StyleLint('app/styles', {disableTestGeneration:true});

** Custom test generator ** If you want to build your own test generator set the testGenerator option to a function that will generate the tests

StyleLinter.prototype.testGenerator = function(relativePath, errors) {
  var assertions = [];
  var module  = "module('Style Lint');\n";
  var test = "test('" + relativePath + " should pass stylelint', function() {\n";
    var assertion =  "  ok(\'true , "+relativePath+" passed stylelint\');";
    return module+test+assertion+"\n});\n";
  } else {
    for(var i = 0; i < errors.warnings.length; i++){
      var warning = errors.warnings[i];
      var index = warning.line+':'+warning.column;
      assertions.push("  ok(" + false + ", '"+index +" "+this.escapeErrorString(warning.text)+"');");
    return module+test+assertions.join('\n')+"\n});\n";


linterConfig {Object}

Hash as specified by stylelint

doesn't accept files option

onError(errors) {function}

A hook that allows you to do whatever you want, when an error occurs

  • errors array of errors

testGenerator(relativePath, errors) {function}

A hook that allows you generate tests.

  • relativePath path of currently linted file
    • errors array of errors if null then no errors occured

testFailingFiles {boolean}

If true it will generate a unit test if the file fails lint.

testPassingFiles {boolean}

If true it will generate a unit test if the passes fails lint.

disableTestGeneration {boolean}

Will disable generation of tests

disableConsoleLogging {boolean}

If true it will disable logging of errors to console

log {boolean} If true it will log results to console

console {object} A custom console object