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An Ember-CLI addon that allows easy integration with stylelint


ember install ember-cli-stylelint


By default syntax is scss, if you want to use another one you need to configure the option in your ember-cli-build

var app = new EmberApp(defaults, {
  stylelint: {
      syntax: 'less'

You can use one of the following values for syntax

  • scss
  • css
  • less
  • sugarss


Linting configuration can be added in a

  • a stylelint property in package.json
  • a .stylelintrc file
  • a stylelint.config.js file exporting a JS object

as required by stylelint.

the parent key is styleLint


linterConfig {Object}

Hash as specified by stylelint

doesn't accept files option

onError {function}

A hook that allows you to do whatever you want

consoleLogger {function}

This function is called every time a file has an error. It allows you to generate custom error output according to your preferences.

testFailingFiles {boolean}

If true it will generate a unit test if the file fails lint.

testPassingFiles {boolean}

If true it will generate a unit test if the passes fails lint.

generateTests {boolean}

If true it will generate tests for both passing and failing tests, overrides the testPassingFiles and testFailingFiles

disableConsoleLogging {boolean}

If true it will disable logging of errors to console

includePaths {array of strings}

Paths representing trees to lint. The app tree itself will always be included. In an addon, that path is tests/dummy/app/styles/ (by default). Addon authors can set includePaths: [ 'app/styles' ] to also lint styles in app/styles/.

Running Tests

  • npm test


All tests are currently contained in tests/runner.js. This uses Mocha/Chai, not Ember Testing. Tests can be run with:

npm test You should also check that the dummy app's styles are still correctly compiled by running the ember app using ember s.

PRs are welcomed and should be issued to the master branch.