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Proj lets you save settings for your project in a simple file.


  • :Proj - Open project named (tab-completes).
  • :ProjAdd - Prompts to add a new project in the current directory.
  • :ProjFile - Open the project file in a split>
  • :ProjInfo - Show all of the current project's settings in the status line.
  • :ProjMenu - Open a menu with all of these commands.
  • :ProjNotes - Open the project notes file in a split.
  • :ProjOpen - Prompt to open a project.
  • :ProjOpenTab - Prompt to open a project for the open tab. Projects opened this way will only be active in the opened tab, so that each tab can contain a project.
  • :ProjRefresh - Reload the current project.
  • :ProjReload - Reload the project file.
  • :ProjVim - Open the project's vim settings file in a split.

File Syntax

DOS .ini

Available Settings

  • browser - A custom command for the filebrowser
  • notes - Path to a text file with project notes
  • path - Path to the project root directory
  • vim - Path to a file with vim commands
  • docksend - Upload all files in the project on save if the TransmitFtp plugin is available

Sample Project File

; This is a comment
path = /path/to/project
vim = /path/to/settings_file.vim
docksend ; boolean option

path = /path/to/my\ project ; Escape spaces with \

Global Options

  • g:ProjDisableMappings (default: 0) - Set to 1 to turn off all mappings defined by this plugin
  • g:ProjFile (default: '~/.vimproj') - Path to the project file.
  • g:ProjFileBrowser (default: 'NERDTree') - The filebrowser command. Set to 'off' to not open a filebrowser.
  • g:ProjMapLeader (default: 'p') - The prefix for default mappings
  • g:ProjNoteFile (default: 'notes.txt') - Path to the project notes file
  • g:ProjSplitMethod (default: 'vsp') - Command to use when opening a file with a Proj command such as ProjFile.

Default maps

These are all prefixed with g:ProjMapLeader by default.

  • g:ProjAddMap (default: 'a') - Calls :ProjAdd
  • g:ProjFileMap (default: 'f') - Calls :ProjFile
  • g:ProjInfoMap (default: 'i') - Calls :ProjInfo
  • g:ProjMenuMap (default: 'm') - Calls :ProjMenu
  • g:ProjNotesMap (default: 'n') - Calls :ProjNotes
  • g:ProjOpenMap (default: 'o') - Calls :ProjOpen
  • g:ProjOpenTabMap (default: 't') - Calls :ProjOpenTab
  • g:ProjReloadMap (default: 'r') - Calls :ProjReload
  • g:ProjVim (default: 'v') - Calls :ProjVim

install details

  1. Extract the downloaded proj.tbz file
  2. Copy proj/doc/proj.txt to .vim/doc/proj.txt
  3. Copy proj/plugin/proj.vim to .vim/plugin/proj.vim
  4. Run :helptags ~/.vim/doc to load the documentation
  5. Create a file at ~/.vimproj or your custom g:ProjFile location with your projects