Angular web app for managing iCloud content of an iOS app. This angular client displays movie listings for a theater. CloudKit is implemented as the persistent data store.
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EventsList Web Client

This project is in-progress
To see a current implementation, visit the mock site

A note about security and authentication on the mock site: For authentication, sign in with your Apple account. Any authenticated user can create a new draft event. Only the site's owner is allowed to publish a draft event. Published events are viewable to everyone, draft events are only visible to the authenticated user.

About EventsList Web Client

This is an angular web app client for managing the iCloud content of an iOS app. EventsList is an iOS app that displays event listings for a theater. This web client would be used by a staff person at the theater for loading new event information or editing existing events.

This front-end web app uses Apple's CloudKit.js library. CloudKit is implemented as the persistent data store. CloudKit is available for use in web apps when a developer has enabled it for an iOS or macOS project.

See the corresponding GitHub Repo for the iOS app.


  • Clone the repo.
  • In the project directory, add dependencies with npm run install
  • CloudKit is Apple's cloud-based data store, it requires a registered developer to have an iOS or macOS project with the iCloud/CloudKit entitlements.

The following are required environment variables. These will be specific to your iCloud account and can be generated from the CloudKit dashboard.


Commands available in the project directory

To run locally in a browser (on port 8080): npm run start

To build static files for deployment: npm run build

For unit tests: npm run unit-test

For linter test: npm run lint

For combined unit and linter tests: npm test

CloudKit Data Model

Record Types & fields:

  • Program
  • title (String)
  • video (String)
  • fulldescription (String)
  • imageRef (Reference)
  • Image440
  • fileName (String)
  • image (Asset)
  • programRef (Reference)