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-= Mobile Fu
+= Mobile Fu (billymeltdown fork)
Want to automatically detect mobile devices that access your Rails application?
Mobile Fu allows you to do just that. People can access your site from a Palm,
Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, etc. and it will automatically adjust the format of
the request from :html to :mobile.
+== Modification Notes
+I've modified this plugin a bit so that the use of the has_mobile_fu method
+simply includes the plugin, but doesn't automatically set any before filters.
+I did this because I only want to run it on some actions, where I've actually
+taken the time to provide mobile views (e.g.
+The other major changes:
+By providing the parameter 'bypass' with any request and setting it to the
+string 'true', the end-user can switch back to :html format for the rest of his
+session, allowing me to create links to 'Exit mobile view', etc. To turn mobile
+viewing back on, bypass can be set to something else, like 'false', or
+Directions below have been modified to conform to these changes.
== Usage
-Add this this one line to the controller.
+Add this to one of your controllers:
- class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
- has_mobile_fu
- end
+ class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
+ has_mobile_fu
+ before_filter :set_mobile_format
+ end
-Once this is in place, any request that comes from a mobile device will be be
+With this in place, any request that comes from a mobile device will be be
set as :mobile format. It is up to you to determine how you want to handle
these requests. It is also up to you to create the .mobile.erb versions of
-your views that are to be requested.
+your views that are to be requested. You can use the standard options for
+before_filter to limit the scope of which requests are processed this way:
+ class SessionController < ApplicationController
+ has_mobile_fu
+ before_filter :set_mobile_format, :except => [:help, :forgot_password]
+ # use :force_mobile_format instead to test
+ # before_filter :force_mobile_format
+ end
Then add the line below to config/initializers/mime_types.rb
@@ -29,14 +56,38 @@ depending on whether or not it is a mobile request. How can you check this?
You can also determine which format is currently set in by calling the following:
- is_mobile_view? # => Returns true or false depending on current req. format
+ in_mobile_view? # => Returns true or false depending on current req. format
Also, if you want the ability to allow a user to switch between 'mobile' and
'standard' format (:html), you can just adjust the mobile_view session variable
in a custom controller action.
session[:mobile_view] # => Set to true if request format is :mobile and false
if set to :html
+*FORK NOTE:* I found this to be a fairly unreliable means of doing this, and
+that's why I introduced the bypass mechanism.
+== Bypass
+If you have some custom controller action that allows the user to toggle the
+mobile formatting, you can utilize these methods for great success:
+ bypass_mobile_view # => Causes mobile formatting to be switched off for
+ the session
+ bypass_mobile_view(false) # => Turns off the bypass
+You can avoid calling these methods yourself, set_mobile_format will check to
+see if a 'bypass' parameter is present in the request. If present and it equals
+the string 'true', bypass will be enabled (if set to anything else, it will be
+disabled). Thus, you can create links like this for the user:
+ = link_to 'Exit mobile view', some_path(:bypass => :true)
+ = link_to 'Switch to mobile view', some_path(:bypass => :false)
+*To do:* Allow user to define custom parameter for toggling the bypass.
+== Custom Style Over-rides Based on Device
So, different devices need different styling. Don't worry, we've got this
baked in to Mobile Fu.

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