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2010.10.21, Version 0.0.5
* added unit tests for all operations
* need to fix increment/decrement 64 bit issue
2010.10.21, Version 0.0.4
* added basic memcached client library and test script
2010.10.20, Version 0.0.3
* fixed issue with non-chunked parsing
* added error codes that were missing
* added GETQ,GETK,GETKQ to parser. should be able to parse all messages now
2010.10.16, Version 0.0.2
* add options for chunked/buffered and body encoding if using buffered
* tidied up some code
* allow getting body back as string encoded as ascii or utf8
* changed opcodes to upper case
* added performance test script which generates a csv with results for various body sizes
* changed format of messages to be {headers: {}, key: "", extras: {}, body: "" or [] of Buffers}
2010.10.15, Version 0.0.1
* Initial Commit (Andrew Johnston)
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