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  • Multiple Launcher changes:
    • New FspLaunch API. File systems can be started, stopped, queried and listed using FspLaunchStart, FspLaunchStop, FspLaunchGetInfo and FspLaunchGetNameList. The API is available in <winfsp/launch.h>.
    • New Launcher registry settings RunAs and WorkDirectory. RunAs allows the laucher to launch a file system process under the service accounts LocalService and NetworkService. WorkDirectory can be used to specify the work directory for a newly launched file system process.
  • FSP_FSCTL_VOLUME_PARAMS::FlushAndPurgeOnCleanup limits the time that Windows keeps files open after an application has closed them. This purges the cache on the last CloseHandle, which is a performance drawback.
    • This is now the default behavior on FUSE. To revert to the previous behavior of keeping files open indefinitely use -o KeepFileCache.
  • FSP_FSCTL_VOLUME_PARAMS has been extended with fine-grained timeouts: VolumeInfoTimeout, DirInfoTimeout, SecurityTimeout, StreamInfoTimeout. Set FSP_FSCTL_VOLUME_PARAMS::Version == sizeof(FSP_FSCTL_VOLUME_PARAMS) to access the new fields.
    • New FUSE optons VolumeInfoTimeout, DirInfoTimeout complement the existing FileInfoTimeout.
  • The FSD (File System Driver) and its interaction with the Windows MUP (Multiple UNC Provider) has been changed. In practice this eliminates the delays experienced when right-clicking on a WinFsp-backed network drive in the Windows Explorer. (GitHub issue #87.)
  • The WinFsp network provider is now added first in the provider order list. Previously it was added last. (GitHub PR #131; thanks @felfert.)
  • The WinFsp installer now uses the Wix Provides dependency extension to provide a WinFsp dependency key. (GitHub PR #129; thanks @felfert.)
  • New FUSE create_umask option. (GitHub issue #138.)
  • Fix C++ compilation error for WinFsp-FUSE. (GitHub PR #154; thanks @benrubson.)