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BIMData Platform

BIMData Platform is a web application to manage your project in the BIM ecosystem. You can manage your projects and your files in relation to your users. Projects are organized into Clouds. BIMData Platform manages models with open formats such as IFC and BCF.

Screenshot BIMData Platform

Technical view of the Platform

️️BIMData Platform is a web application. It's a frontend to the BIMData's API, built with Javascript using Vue.


Clone this repository

git clone

and place yourself in the platform/ directory. Then by CLI, using NPM packager, install dependencies and launch the Platform on your local server.

Configure your Platform

Type the following commands to:

Install dependencies

npm i

(It's a shortcut for npm install.)

Configure environment

cp .env.example .env

Change in .env any custom configuration

Edit your .env file in a text editor, and change:

Start your dev server

While being still in the platform/ directory, type the following command:

npm run serve

And the local server is up & running!

Additional tasks

Compile SVG icons

Added an new icon? Re-generate the SVG by running the following command:

npm run svg-process

Running tests

Run the unit tests by running the following commands:

npm run unit

All tests:

npm run test

Running and deploy

Building for production

npm run build


You are free to copy, modify, and distribute BIMData Platform Backend under the terms of the LGPL 3.0 license.
See the LICENSE file for details.