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Go SDK for the OpenShot Cloud API
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OpenShot SDK for Go

Hello! This sdk provides an easy-to-use go interface for the OpenShot Cloud API.


go get

How to Use

Add import "" to your file.

Create a new OpenShot client: client := openshot.New(baseUrl, username, password)

Create a project: project := client.CreateProject(&openshot.Project{Name: "My Project"})

Start adding files, clips, animations, transitions and creating exports of your work!

Look at our GoDoc for a complete overview of the functionality available thus far.

Complete Example

This example shows how to create a project, add a video from an S3 bucket, create a clip with it, change it's x position, and create an export with a different aspect ratio than the input clips.

package main

import (

func main() {
	// Create an OpenShot client with the server location and credentials to login
	client := openshot.New(openshotURL, "username", "password")

	// Create a project with as many customized properties as desired
	// More information at:
	project, err := client.CreateProject(&openshot.Project{Name: "My Project"})
	if err != nil {
		// deal with error

	// Create a file using a video stored in s3 bucket "mybucket" located at "path/to/file/file_name.mp4" in the bucket
	// More information at:
	file, err := client.CreateFile(project, openshot.CreateFileStruct(openshot.CreateFileS3InfoStruct("file_name.mp4", "path/to/file/", "mybucket")))
	if err != nil {
		// deal with error

	// Create a clip using your new file as it's source
	// More information at:
	clip, err := client.CreateClip(project, openshot.CreateClipStruct(file, project))
	if err != nil {
		// deal with error

	// Modify clip's x location
	const frame = 120
	const xLocation = 0.5 // Read for properties and descriptions
	client.AddPropertyPoint(clip, "location_x", frame, xLocation)

	// Remember to call update since adding property points doesn't add them on the server
	// (for efficiency's sake, since many people want to add hundreds of property points!)
	clip, err = client.UpdateClip(clip)
	if err != nil {
		// deal with error

	// Create an export
	export := openshot.CreateDefaultExportStruct(project)
	export.JSON["width"] = 720 // Read for available properties
	export, err = client.CreateExport(project, export)
	if err != nil {
		// deal with error

	// Wait until export is ready, either by polling `client.GetExport` or by using a webhook to trigger a seperate handler.
	// More on that here:

	export, err = client.GetExport(export.ID)
	if err != nil {
		// deal with error

	// Exported video link available at export.Output

This sdk was purpose-built for this project, it's a great place to look for example usages. In particular, check out this package. The tests in this SDK are also quite thorough and can be used as examples.

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