A Angular and Node project to illustrate how to use the API and encourage creativity
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BIM Live API Workshop

This project is built with Angular and NodeJS.


Welcome to BIM Live API Workshop! This is the advanced session where we together (after a presentation) will try to go through the code and talk about some pitfalls when it comes to implementing the API.


In order to make the workshop more efficient we want to ask you to prepare a couple of things.

  • Make sure you have an account on https://www.bimobject.com and have requested access to become a developer on https://developer.bimobject.com, mark your request with "BIM LIVE WORKSHOP" or something similair.

  • Download this reposotory, either by using git or by simply downloading it from github.

  • Have NodeJS installed (npm comes with it)

  • In the root of this project, run npm install in a terminal

  • Any question? Please come a bit earlier to the workshop and I'll try to help you out.


  • Open two terminals:

    • run yarn start in one (this will launch the server) (if you do any changes to the code in the server/ folder, restart the app by pressing CTRL+C)
    • run yarn watch in the other (this will build the front end and watch any changes) (if you do any changes to the code in the src/app folder, just reload your browser).

    Now you can access the site by navigating to http://localhost:9090


This code is not regarded in anyway as production ready, it is a project intended to be used in this Workshop. However, all code is free to use and modify as you want.