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User Data Streams for Binance (2019-08-15)

General WSS information

  • The base API endpoint is:
  • A User Data Stream listenKey is valid for 60 minutes after creation.
  • Doing a PUT on a listenKey will extend its validity for 60 minutes.
  • Doing a DELETE on a listenKey will close the stream.
  • The base websocket endpoint is: wss://
  • User Data Streams are accessed at /ws/<listenKey>
  • A single connection to is only valid for 24 hours; expect to be disconnected at the 24 hour mark
  • User data stream payloads are not guaranteed to be in order during heavy periods; make sure to order your updates using E

API Endpoints

Create a listenKey

POST /api/v1/userDataStream

Start a new user data stream. The stream will close after 60 minutes unless a keepalive is sent.

Weight: 1

Parameters: NONE


  "listenKey": "pqia91ma19a5s61cv6a81va65sdf19v8a65a1a5s61cv6a81va65sdf19v8a65a1"

Ping/Keep-alive a listenKey

PUT /api/v1/userDataStream

Keepalive a user data stream to prevent a time out. User data streams will close after 60 minutes. It's recommended to send a ping about every 30 minutes.

Weight: 1


Name Type Mandatory Description
listenKey STRING YES



Close a listenKey

DELETE /api/v1/userDataStream

Close out a user data stream.

Weight: 1


Name Type Mandatory Description
listenKey STRING YES



Web Socket Payloads

Account Update

Account state is updated with the outboundAccountInfo event.


  "e": "outboundAccountInfo",   // Event type
  "E": 1499405658849,           // Event time
  "m": 0,                       // Maker commission rate (bips)
  "t": 0,                       // Taker commission rate (bips)
  "b": 0,                       // Buyer commission rate (bips)
  "s": 0,                       // Seller commission rate (bips)
  "T": true,                    // Can trade?
  "W": true,                    // Can withdraw?
  "D": true,                    // Can deposit?
  "u": 1499405658848,           // Time of last account update
  "B": [                        // Balances array
      "a": "LTC",               // Asset
      "f": "17366.18538083",    // Free amount
      "l": "0.00000000"         // Locked amount
      "a": "BTC",
      "f": "10537.85314051",
      "l": "2.19464093"
      "a": "ETH",
      "f": "17902.35190619",
      "l": "0.00000000"
      "a": "BNC",
      "f": "1114503.29769312",
      "l": "0.00000000"
      "a": "NEO",
      "f": "0.00000000",
      "l": "0.00000000"

An additional event outboundAccountPosition is sent any time an account balance has changed and contains the assets that were possibly changed by the event that generated the balance change.

  "e": "outboundAccountPosition", //Event type
  "E": 1564034571105,             //Event Time
  "u": 1564034571073,             //Time of last account update
  "B": [                          //Balances Array
      "a": "ETH",                 //Asset
      "f": "10000.000000",        //Free
      "l": "0.000000"             //Locked

Order Update

Orders are updated with the executionReport event. Check the API documentation and below for relevant enum definitions. Average price can be found by doing Z divided by z.


  "e": "executionReport",        // Event type
  "E": 1499405658658,            // Event time
  "s": "ETHBTC",                 // Symbol
  "c": "mUvoqJxFIILMdfAW5iGSOW", // Client order ID
  "S": "BUY",                    // Side
  "o": "LIMIT",                  // Order type
  "f": "GTC",                    // Time in force
  "q": "1.00000000",             // Order quantity
  "p": "0.10264410",             // Order price
  "P": "0.00000000",             // Stop price
  "F": "0.00000000",             // Iceberg quantity
  "g": -1,                       // OrderListId
  "C": "null",                   // Original client order ID; This is the ID of the order being canceled
  "x": "NEW",                    // Current execution type
  "X": "NEW",                    // Current order status
  "r": "NONE",                   // Order reject reason; will be an error code.
  "i": 4293153,                  // Order ID
  "l": "0.00000000",             // Last executed quantity
  "z": "0.00000000",             // Cumulative filled quantity
  "L": "0.00000000",             // Last executed price
  "n": "0",                      // Commission amount
  "N": null,                     // Commission asset
  "T": 1499405658657,            // Transaction time
  "t": -1,                       // Trade ID
  "I": 8641984,                  // Ignore
  "w": true,                     // Is the order working? Stops will have
  "m": false,                    // Is this trade the maker side?
  "M": false,                    // Ignore
  "O": 1499405658657,            // Order creation time
  "Z": "0.00000000",             // Cumulative quote asset transacted quantity
  "Y": "0.00000000"              // Last quote asset transacted quantity (i.e. lastPrice * lastQty)

Execution types:

  • NEW
  • REPLACED (currently unused)

If the order is an OCO, an event will be displayed named ListStatus in addition to the executionReport event.


  "e": "listStatus",                //Event Type
  "E": 1564035303637,               //Event Time
  "s": "ETHBTC",                    //Symbol
  "g": 2,                           //OrderListId
  "c": "OCO",                       //Contingency Type
  "l": "EXEC_STARTED",              //List Status Type
  "L": "EXECUTING",                 //List Order Status
  "r": "NONE",                      //List Reject Reason
  "C": "F4QN4G8DlFATFlIUQ0cjdD",    //List Client Order ID
  "T": 1564035303625,               //Transaction Time
  "O": [                            //An array of objects
      "s": "ETHBTC",                //Symbol
      "i": 17,                      // orderId
      "c": "AJYsMjErWJesZvqlJCTUgL" //ClientOrderId
      "s": "ETHBTC",
      "i": 18,
      "c": "bfYPSQdLoqAJeNrOr9adzq"
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