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Here's a fun exercise.

  1. Implement AWS Lambda.
  2. Now make it 100x faster.
  3. Repeat #2.

We've been working on a solution for this at Binaris.

#1 is a bit hard, it turns out. It took us about a year.

We're still working on #2. So far we're only 16x faster than Lambda, but that's without hardly using our kernel nerds. They've just been sitting here, idling at 7% CPU doing stuff with Terraform and Ansible. Underutilized. Soon they shall be unleashed and latency will be decimated!

Now, to get to #3 (10,000x faster than Lambda), we are... going to need a few more nerds. We are, after all, competing directly with every major cloud vendor. Oh, and we'll probably need our own silicon (but shhh, you didn't hear that, that's like our propriatery patented HPC secret sauce).


  • Honestly, we have no idea. Don't tell anyone, but half of us never even used Lambda before this.
  • We just want people who are nice, who are sharp and who can get anything done. You know the type. Maybe that's you. Maybe it's your friend.
  • You certainly do not have to update your CV. No one likes to update their CV.
  • Google us. Not just the company name - ask around about our team. We probably have quite a few shared connections. We hope the recommendation you'll get is to hop over and meet us.

We're at WeWork Sarona, Tel Aviv. Drop by and have coffee with us.


The Team

Avner Braverman Michael Adda
Co-founder, CEO, HPC guru, hot Cocoa fiend
Co-founder, VP Engineering, kernel surgeon, nethack addict
Adam Matan
Developer Evangelist, Bitcoin Protestant
Ariel Shaqed (Scolnicov)
Middle-out cyborg dev, remembers VT100
Assaf Lavie
Cloud Technologist, Vim proselytizer user
Ryland Goldstein
Binaris California head, United frequent flyer
Roey Berman
There's only one book in my library, and that's The Bible
Uri Feldman
Director of BD, LinkedIn Lurker
Uri Refael Baum
Content Strategist, writing words, not code