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Tick Trade Mobile Application

  • Make sure you have node.js installed

Setting up the App

// Fork the repo in GitHub
git clone[your git username]/mobile.git
cd mobile
git remote add upstream

npm install -g bower gulp cordova ionic ios-sim
npm install

Running the App - localhost

// In project root
git pull upstream master
bower update
ionic serve

Running the App - iOS Emulator

ionic emulate ios

Running The App - iOS Device

cordova run ios --device

Running the App - Android Emulator

ionic emulate android

Running the App - Android Device

cordova run android --device

Submitting the code

git push origin master
// Create a pull request from your fork in GitHub

Working with SCSS

To update SCSS files, run the following command in another terminal

gulp sass  // compiles scss files to css
gulp watch // compiles scss files to css everytime a scss file gets changed

Deploy new web version to GH-Pages

To buil new version of the app and deploy it on gh-pages run the below command.

gulp deploy

Update and Deploy CrowdIn version

gulp deploy-translation (--remote <remote-name>)

How to use code-push to push new version

1. Install code-push
2. Modify `www/versions.json` file and add details of new version on it.
2. Use gulp to push the release

  `$gulp code-push --app <registered appName in code-push> --deployment <deploymentName> --platform <[android, ios]>`

How to build desktop version of TickTrade

  1. install electron globally npm install -g electron electron-packager
  2. use gulp to build gulp build-desktop --platform=[win32|linux|darwin|mas] --arch=[x64|ia32]
  3. sign the released app:
  4. install electron-osx-sign globally npm instal -g electron-osx-sign
  5. run electron-osx-sign path/to/release/app

How to test

  1. run npm install to install karam, jasmine and all other dependencies.
  2. run npm install -g karma-cli
  3. run 'karma start`