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Here at Binary Mint, we fundamentally believe in the value of blockchains, which enable the creation of “decentralized applications,” or DApps. DApps are trustless, transparent, interoperable, and unstoppable, and thus have the potential to empower users in unprecedented ways.

But just like how web 2.0 did not take off until it started seeing usage outside of the military and academia, blockchains are not going to take off until DApps are being used by the average consumers. And yet, it’s the unfortunate reality today that DApps have very little usage outside of finance. The reason is that it’s currently extremely difficult to create DApps that can handle a large number of users efficiently, due to technical limitations with existing blockchains and the lack of good tooling for building DApps.

Binary Mint is all about creating technologies that will make consumer DApps a reality. Our first product is the Tenfold Protocol, a practical and versatile platform on which developers can easily build DApps that scale.

Binary Mint is an early-stage startup. As such, you can expect to be wearing many hats, becoming a leader in the company, and making a large impact. We are looking for people who are responsible, driven, and great at what they do. We are a distributed team with a base in San Francisco; both local and remote hires are very welcome.

Right now we don't have any open positions and aren't looking to hire, but if you're interested in what we're doing, feel free to email