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html5-Invasion - The GitHub Game Off 2012

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The Game

html5-invasion is a 2d-game. Meteorites are falling onto buildings. Buildings are burning and you are the firefighter of the city. Control a fire truck in an epic struggle against the threat of space!

Do you want to play the game?



The player controls a fire truck to extinguish fire.
There is a control panel which have a gas pedal, a lever for the crane and a button to shoot water.
You must pull the lever to change the crane position (that means the fireman position). Then push the commit button to shoot water. Water will extinguish the fire on the fireman position. Repeat for each floor that is burning.
When all the floors of the building are safe, push the gas pedal to continue with the next flat.
If a flat is destroyed, you will lose. How many buildings can you protect?

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