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a solution for .DS_Store pollution
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Asepsis == solution for .DS_Store pollution.

WARNING: No longer supported under macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) and higher

If you are interested in updated version maintained by others, please check out these repos:

For end-user info please visit

Installation from sources

You will need Xcode5 for building it from sources:

git clone
cd asepsis
git submodule update --init
rake build
rake install
sudo reboot

Note: for installing debug version which is more verbose in use rake build_debug instead of rake build. Also you may then run rake debug_test to check if asepsis works as expected.

Note: before rake build you might need to open Asepsis.xcodeproj once in Xcode. For some reason the xcodebuild hangs without that.


asepsisctl uninstall

License: MIT-Style

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