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a solution for .DS_Store pollution
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Asepsis (ALPHA)

smart solution for .DS_Store pollution.

For more info visit

Developer info

Installation from sources

You will need XCode4 for building from sources

git clone
cd asepsis
rake build
rake install
sudo bash -c "echo \"setenv DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES /System/Library/Extensions/Asepsis.kext/Contents/Resources/libAsepsis.dylib\" >> /etc/launchd.conf"
sudo reboot

Note: you may want to edit launchd.conf manually

Note: for installing debug version which is more verbose in use rake build_debug instead of rake build. Also you may then run rake debug_test to check if libAsepsis.dylib works as expected.


cd asepsis
rake uninstall

Development History

Historically this functionality was implemented as part of TotalFinder which is a Finder plugin.

Here is what I did in TotalFinder:

  • I've redirected low-level filesystem calls which does:
    • Anytime is asking to open /some/folder/.DS_Store file, I open it as /usr/local/.dscache/some/folder/_DS_Store
      • since TotalFinder 1.1.8, I'm checking if .DS_Store is present in /some/folder/ - I'm not doing redirection when present.
    • This way Finder thinks files are at original places but they are being physically created in prefix folder, effectively sandboxing them
    • The only exception is the prefix folder itself, when you go and see it in the Finder, no redirection is applied
  • I've implemented kernel extension Echelon, which monitors folder renames (and deletes) and sends them to TotalFinder
    • You see why. This is important to keep DS_Store folder structure in prefix directory mirroring actual structure on the disk

Yeah, kernel extension sounds scary. But I didn't find a better solution in user-space. FSEvents are not precious enough (it just reports "something was changed"). BSD kqueues must be registered on per-file basis, so it is not usable in this scenario. In the end of the day that kernel extension turned out to be really light-weight solution. I use KAUTH API to monitor kernel filesystem events. I do it only if TotalFinder is connected and only for renames and deletes. Testing is simple C-string comparison and sending notification via socket.

License: MIT-Style

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