Localization for TotalFinder
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TotalFinder Internationalization

TotalFinder is a plugin for Apple's Finder.app which brings tabs, dual panels and more! This project gathers localizable resources.

Do you want to translate TotalFinder into your language?

You can tweak resource files and add your preferred language.

You should push your changes back to GitHub and I will then incorporate your work into next TotalFinder release.

You may want to read TotalFinder opened for localization blog post.

Where to start?

  1. Read something about git version control system. Here is the best place to start.
  2. Get familiar with GitHub. They have also nice docs.
  3. Create GitHub user and don't forget to setup your local git so your commits are linked to your GitHub account.
  4. See how others are working on TotalFinder localization.


What encoding should I use for my files?

Please always use UTF-8. Other encodings will probably fail to load or you will see wrong characters. Run rake validate task to check your files.

Thank you!

Every contributor in http://github.com/binaryage/totalfinder-i18n/contributors will get a free TotalFinder license. Please note that you will appear there with delay and only if your commits are properly recognized as authored by your github's account. You have to setup your local git user properly.

To be clear. Please note that:

  1. I may not accept changes in your fork
  2. You are contributing your work under MIT license
  3. You may want to explore Network Graph to see if someone has been already working on your language

License: MIT-Style