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#import "TotalTerminal+Features.h"
@implementation TotalTerminal (Features)
+(BOOL) shouldLoadFeature:(NSString*)feature {
BOOL enabled = ![[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] boolForKey:[@"TotalTerminalDisable" stringByAppendingString:feature]];
return enabled;
+(void) loadFeatures {
// load individual features
if ([self shouldLoadFeature:@"PasteOnRightClick"]) {
[self loadPasteOnRightClick];
if ([self shouldLoadFeature:@"CopyOnSelect"]) {
[self loadCopyOnSelect];
// TerminalColours is not needed anymore under Lion, Apple has implemented 256 color support
if ((terminalVersion() < FIRST_LION_VERSION) && [self shouldLoadFeature:@"TerminalColours"]) {
[self loadTerminalColours];
if ([self shouldLoadFeature:@"Visor"]) {
[self loadVisor];
if ([self shouldLoadFeature:@"AutoSlide"]) {
[self loadAutoSlide];
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