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Totalterminal in fullscreen #24

juanpabloaj opened this Issue Sep 27, 2011 · 8 comments

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How I can use Total terminal in full screen ?

why don't add a hotkey to this?


+1 - I'd love to be able to toggle from visor-view to full screen and back. Visor view is great for quickly running commands, but it'd be nice to 'zoom in' and make use of all my screen real-estate for heavy terminal sessions.

mikaa123 commented Jan 1, 2012

This would be much appreciated!


+1 This is standard in the linux guake and is a must-have!

@darwin darwin added a commit that closed this issue Feb 19, 2012
@darwin darwin added hard hotkey CMD+OPT+F to expand visor temporarily to fullscreen…
… and back (close #24)

CMD+OPT+F is consistent with new Lion FullScreen mode hotkey. Lion FullScreen toggle does not work for our visor window (probably because it is chrome-less window). This is workaround. It expands visor window to whole screen, it does not try to enter real full-screen mode.
@darwin darwin closed this in f7916cd Feb 19, 2012
n00shie commented Apr 2, 2012

Thanks @darwin!


Thanks @darwin :)

sydanny commented Aug 26, 2014

Ugh, it was working splendidly (Mavericks) and then it got stuck. CMD+OPT+F was working as a toggle - full screen, back to half, full, etc. But now I'm stuck at full screen and it won't shrink again. Once this process is done running, I'll quit it and restart. :(


The same thing happened to me in Mavericks. I've used this app for a long time in Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion with no issues, but in Mavericks, I toggled fullscreen, and it got stuck. Killing the program didn't fix it for me either. I even uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times with reboots in between, and I'm still stuck on full screen. I'm a a network engineer and developer, so this is kind of embarrassing if there's something I'm overlooking here. I just want my "bottom-stretch" back!


CMD+OPT+F a second time fixed the problem for me. Multiple quits and restarts did not. The fix was so much simpler than I assumed!

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