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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
<Wix xmlns="">
<Dialog Id="WelcomeDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="!(loc.WelcomeDlg_Title)">
<Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="!(loc.WixUINext)" />
<Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="!(loc.WixUICancel)">
<Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
<Control Id="Bitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="370" Height="234" TabSkip="no" Text="!(loc.WelcomeDlgBitmap)" />
<Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="!(loc.WixUIBack)" />
<Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="370" Height="0" />
<Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="135" Y="190" Width="220" Height="20" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes" Text="!(loc.WelcomeDlgDescription)" />
<Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="135" Y="20" Width="220" Height="60" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes" Text="!(loc.WelcomeDlgTitle)" />
<Show Dialog="WelcomeDlg" Before="ProgressDlg">NOT Installed</Show>
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