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Latest commit a0f54e6 @darwin darwin win version bump to 1.5
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wix-3 CRLF -> LF
AdvancedWelcomeEulaDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
BrowseDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
CancelDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
Common.wxs CRLF -> LF
CustomizeDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
DiskCostDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
ErrorDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
ErrorProgressText.wxs CRLF -> LF
ExitDialog.wxs CRLF -> LF
FatalError.wxs CRLF -> LF
FeaturesDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
FilesInUse.wxs CRLF -> LF
InstallDirDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
InstallScopeDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
LicenseAgreementDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
MaintenanceTypeDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
MaintenanceWelcomeDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
MsiRMFilesInUse.wxs CRLF -> LF
New.ico initial project upload (version 0.5)
OutOfDiskDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
OutOfRbDiskDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
PrepareDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
ProgressDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
ResumeDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
SetupTypeDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
Up.ico initial project upload (version 0.5)
UserExit.wxs CRLF -> LF
VerifyReadyDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
WaitForCostingDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
WelcomeDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
WelcomeEulaDlg.wxs CRLF -> LF
WixUI_Advanced.wxs CRLF -> LF
WixUI_FeatureTree.wxs CRLF -> LF
WixUI_InstallDir.wxs CRLF -> LF
WixUI_Minimal.wxs CRLF -> LF
WixUI_Mondo.wxs CRLF -> LF
WixUI_en-us.wxl CRLF -> LF
_build.bat win version bump to 1.5
_clean.bat CRLF -> LF
_hints.txt updated hints for building
exclamic.ico initial project upload (version 0.5)
info.ico initial project upload (version 0.5)
terms.rtf updated year in terms for installer
uibanner.bmp installer tweaks
uidialog.bmp installer tweaks
xrefresh.wxs added Json.NET dll into installer script
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