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Status symbols:

📗 - in development

📘 - planned

📙 - accepting comments

Next feature to be added:

Subdomains - https://github.com/binaryedge/40fy/issues/5 📙 📗


Domain-IP Resolution - which domains are associated with ip X ? 📗

Sinkhole data - access to our sinkhole data, which ips are scanners, which payloads, etc... 📗

Entity mapping - type company name and we find their ip addresses and domains 📘

On demand scanning - ability to launch custom made scans - 📙 https://github.com/binaryedge/40fy/issues/1

Custom modules for on demand scans - ability to create modules for services and find a method for deployment of said modules - related to https://github.com/binaryedge/40fy/issues/1 📙

Requesting features

If you would like a feature to be added to the platform please follow these steps

1 - Open issue on this repository

2 - Comment as clearly as possible on the feature

3 - You feature will receive comments from community and votes using :thumbs_up: and :thumbs_down:

4 - When status is given a staff might contact you or comment on it.


Twitter - @binaryedgeio

Email - support@binaryedge.io

Slack - Self signup - https://publicslack.com/slacks/40fyio/invites/new


Product page - https://app.binaryedge.io

Documentation - https://docs.binaryedge.io/api-v2/