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Commit time - Open Framework is a free service that was launched by BinaryEdge and can be found HERE. lets know the vulnerability risk of your IP address or domain.


For over two years we've been collecting internet data and watched as IP Addresses and Domains expose an ever growing number of services to the internet. We've also seen over the last year a trend where insurance companies with products in cyber-insurance will create their own ratings. We started looking into these issues and by talking to the insurance companies we heard a common set of complaints:

  • They don't know how to rate "cyber"
  • They lack valuable data to calculate premiums
  • There is a lack of standard on rating systems for "cyber", which makes life difficult for cyber-insurers

When we heard this, we felt there was a need for an open-framework, where the formula to calculate these ratings is exposed to the public, so that, both a standard can be created and people can understand exactly how they are being rated.

This is our first attempt at creating this open-framework.

IP Vulnerability Scoring

To learn more about our IP Vulnerability Scoring System, please refer to the document IP-SCORE in this repo.

Domain Vulnerability Scoring

To learn more about our Domain Vulnerability Scoring System, please refer to DOMAIN-SCORE in this repo.


An Open framework to rate the exposure of ip addresses with services exposed to the internet



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