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I can't transfer over 8GB files in file upload demo. #51

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When I uploaded about 8GB file with binary.js, I met this error code.
"WebSocket connection to 'ws://siteurl/' failed: Failed to load Blob: error code = 3"
or "failed: Failed to send WebSocket frame" in stransfering 3GB file.

Is there file size size limit for upload or download?

How can I solve this problem?

binaryjs member

Thanks~ ^^


Any solution to this?

binaryjs member

Could this be a memory leak in binary.js not releasing blobs that where already sent or onError?


I get this error when using websockets in chrome myself directly(not related to binary js). It almost seems if you send too much data down a websocket in chrome before a server has time to consume it, it will fail. It seems the only way around is to throttle a file through the socket and only send wait for server response which would really slow down file upload. Anyone know what happens once the remote NIC fills up and then local NIC fills up(since server is not keeping up) when dealing with a websocket....after all, javascript websocket.send cannot block when NIC is full like normal sockets.


I faced the same issue in win 7 chrome browser, I was able to overcome it by increasing the buffersize of each socket-stream data packet from 8192 to 8192*4.

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