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v0.4.19 - June 19th, 2012

  • Change sender to merge buffers for relatively small payloads, may improve perf in some cases [einaros]
  • Avoid EventEmitter for Receiver classes. As above this may improve perf. [einaros]
  • Renamed fallback files from the somewhat misleading '*Windows'. [einaros]

v0.4.18 - June 14th 2012

  • Fixed incorrect md5 digest encoding in Hixie handshake [nicokaiser]
  • Added example of use with Express 3 [einaros]
  • Change installation procedure to not require --ws:native to build native extensions. They will now build if a compiler is available. [einaros]

v0.4.17 - June 13th 2012

  • Improve error handling during connection handshaking [einaros]
  • Ensure that errors are caught also after connection teardown [nicokaiser]
  • Update 'mocha' version to 1.1.0. [einaros]
  • Stop showing 'undefined' for some error logs. [tricknotes]
  • Update 'should' version to 0.6.3 [tricknotes]

v0.4.16 - June 1st 2012

  • Build fix for Windows. [einaros]

v0.4.15 - May 20th 2012

  • Enable fauxe streaming for hixie tansport. [einaros]
  • Allow hixie sender to deal with buffers. [einaros/pigne]
  • Allow error code 1011. [einaros]
  • Fix framing for empty packets (empty pings and pongs might break). [einaros]
  • Improve error and close handling, to avoid connections lingering in CLOSING state. [einaros]

v0.4.14 - Apr 30th 2012

  • use node-gyp instead of node-waf [TooTallNate]
  • remove old windows compatibility makefile, and silently fall back to native modules [einaros]
  • ensure connection status [nicokaiser]
  • websocket client updated to use port 443 by default for wss:// connections [einaros]
  • support unix sockets [kschzt]

v0.4.13 - Apr 12th 2012

  • circumvent node 0.6+ related memory leak caused by Object.defineProperty [nicokaiser]
  • improved error handling, improving stability in massive load use cases [nicokaiser]

v0.4.12 - Mar 30th 2012

  • various memory leak / possible memory leak cleanups [einaros]
  • api documentation [nicokaiser]
  • add option to disable client tracking [nicokaiser]

v0.4.11 - Mar 24th 2012

  • node v0.7 compatibillity release
  • gyp support [TooTallNate]
  • commander dependency update [jwueller]
  • loadbalancer support [nicokaiser]

v0.4.10 - Mar 22th 2012

  • Final hixie close frame fixes. [nicokaiser]

v0.4.9 - Mar 21st 2012

  • Various hixie bugfixes (such as proper close frame handling). [einaros]

v0.4.8 - Feb 29th 2012

  • Allow verifyClient to run asynchronously [karlsequin]
  • Various bugfixes and cleanups. [einaros]

v0.4.7 - Feb 21st 2012

  • Exposed bytesReceived from websocket client object, which makes it possible to implement bandwidth sampling. [einaros]
  • Updated browser based file upload example to include and output per websocket channel bandwidth sampling. [einaros]
  • Changed build scripts to check which architecture is currently in use. Required after the node.js changes to have prebuilt packages target ia32 by default. [einaros]

v0.4.6 - Feb 9th 2012

  • Added browser based file upload example. [einaros]
  • Added server-to-browser status push example. [einaros]
  • Exposed pause() and resume() on WebSocket object, to enable client stream shaping. [einaros]

v0.4.5 - Feb 7th 2012

  • Corrected regression bug in handling of connections with the initial frame delivered across both http upgrade head and a standalone packet. This would lead to a race condition, which in some cases could cause message corruption. [einaros]

v0.4.4 - Feb 6th 2012

  • Pass original request object to verifyClient, for cookie or authentication verifications. [einaros]
  • Implemented addEventListener and slightly improved the emulation API by adding a MessageEvent with a readonly data attribute. [aslakhellesoy]
  • Rewrite parts of hybi receiver to avoid stack overflows for large amounts of packets bundled in the same buffer / packet. [einaros]

v0.4.3 - Feb 4th 2012

  • Prioritized update: Corrected issue which would cause sockets to stay open longer than necessary, and resource leakage because of this. [einaros]

v0.4.2 - Feb 4th 2012

  • Breaking change: WebSocketServer's verifyOrigin option has been renamed to verifyClient. [einaros]
  • verifyClient now receives { origin: 'origin header', secure: true/false }, where 'secure' will be true for ssl connections. [einaros]
  • Split benchmark, in preparation for more thorough case. [einaros]
  • Introduced hixie-76 draft support for server, since Safari (iPhone / iPad / OS X) and Opera still aren't updated to use Hybi. [einaros]
  • Expose 'supports' object from WebSocket, to indicate e.g. the underlying transport's support for binary data. [einaros]
  • Test and code cleanups. [einaros]

v0.4.1 - Jan 25th 2012

  • Use readline in wscat [tricknotes]
  • Refactor _state away, in favor of the new _readyState [tricknotes]
  • travis-ci integration [einaros]
  • Fixed race condition in testsuite, causing a few tests to fail (without actually indicating errors) on travis [einaros]
  • Expose pong event [paddybyers]
  • Enabled running of WebSocketServer in noServer-mode, meaning that upgrades are passed in manually. [einaros]
  • Reworked connection procedure for WebSocketServer, and cleaned up tests. [einaros]

v0.4.0 - Jan 2nd 2012

  • Windows compatibility [einaros]
  • Windows compatible test script [einaros]

v0.3.9 - Jan 1st 2012

  • Improved protocol framing performance [einaros]
  • WSS support [kazuyukitanimura]
  • WSS tests [einaros]
  • readyState exposed [justinlatimer, tricknotes]
  • url property exposed [justinlatimer]
  • Removed old 'state' property [einaros]
  • Test cleanups [einaros]

v0.3.8 - Dec 27th 2011

  • Made it possible to listen on specific paths, which is especially good to have for precreated http servers [einaros]
  • Extensive WebSocket / WebSocketServer cleanup, including changing all internal properties to unconfigurable, unenumerable properties [einaros]
  • Receiver modifications to ensure even better performance with fragmented sends [einaros]
  • Fixed issue in sender.js, which would cause SlowBuffer instances (such as returned from the crypto library's randomBytes) to be copied (and thus be dead slow) [einaros]
  • Removed redundant buffer copy in sender.js, which should improve server performance [einaros]

v0.3.7 - Dec 25nd 2011

  • Added a browser based API which uses EventEmitters internally [3rd-Eden]
  • Expose request information from upgrade event for websocket server clients [mmalecki]

v0.3.6 - Dec 19th 2011

  • Added option to let WebSocket.Server use an already existing http server [mmalecki]
  • Migrating various option structures to use options.js module [einaros]
  • Added a few more tests, options and handshake verifications to ensure that faulty connections are dealt with [einaros]
  • Code cleanups in Sender and Receiver, to ensure even faster parsing [einaros]

v0.3.5 - Dec 13th 2011

  • Optimized Sender.js, Receiver.js and
  • Apply loop-unrolling-like small block copies rather than use node.js Buffer#copy() (which is slow).
  • Mask blocks of data using combination of 32bit xor and loop-unrolling, instead of single bytes.
  • Keep pre-made send buffer for small transfers.
  • Leak fixes and code cleanups.

v0.3.3 - Dec 12th 2011

  • Compile fix for Linux.
  • Rewrote parts of WebSocket.js, to avoid try/catch and thus avoid optimizer bailouts.

v0.3.2 - Dec 11th 2011

  • Further performance updates, including the additions of a native BufferUtil module, which deals with several of the cpu intensive WebSocket operations.

v0.3.1 - Dec 8th 2011

  • Service release, fixing broken tests.

v0.3.0 - Dec 8th 2011

  • Node.js v0.4.x compatibility.
  • Code cleanups and efficiency improvements.
  • WebSocket server added, although this will still mainly be a client library.
  • WebSocket server certified to pass the Autobahn test suite.
  • Protocol improvements and corrections - such as handling (redundant) masks for empty fragments.
  • 'wscat' command line utility added, which can act as either client or server.

v0.2.6 - Dec 3rd 2011

  • Renamed to 'ws'. Big woop, right -- but easy-websocket really just doesn't cut it anymore!

v0.2.5 - Dec 3rd 2011

  • Rewrote much of the WebSocket parser, to ensure high speed for highly fragmented messages.
  • Added a BufferPool, as a start to more efficiently deal with allocations for WebSocket connections. More work to come, in that area.
  • Updated the Autobahn report, at, with comparisons against WebSocket-Node 1.0.2 and Chrome 16.

v0.2.0 - Nov 25th 2011

  • Major rework to make sure all the Autobahn test cases pass. Also updated the internal tests to cover more corner cases.

v0.1.2 - Nov 14th 2011

  • Back and forth, back and forth: now settled on keeping the api (event names, methods) closer to the websocket browser api. This will stick now.
  • Started keeping this history record. Better late than never, right?