A simple, somewhat universal, PHP rss reader/translator
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Simple Rss Reader

This is a simple single class RSS reader.  Its purpose is to provide a 
streamlined php approach to taking RSS feads and turning them into
HTML that can be styled with CSS.  This prevents having to create custom
xslt pages for the transformation.

The file rss_reader.php contains the class RSSReader which performs all of 
duties of retrieving an rss file and transforming first into an array
and then providing the option of turning that array into an html list
with various customization options.

The file index.php is provided solely as a testbed for development or as an
example of how to use RSSReader, it is not intended as a neccessary element
of the project to run, it is purely optional.

I welcome feedback/comments/bug reports or what have you, e-mail me at:
legit [at] alephcipher [dot] com