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sharans commented Aug 20, 2010

Is there a way to customize the error messages or atleast quiet the default error messages on UserSession that inherits from Authlogic::Session::Base? The i18n way does not provide complete customization unlike rails. For eg: in rails active record if I want to change the error message, I can complete change it in the en.yml. But in this case, the default field name is getting appended infront of the custom error messages. Also generalize_credentials_error_messages does not generalize for all cases, still email / password blank is two different messages, no auth details provided is one other message, etc.

I faced a similar issue in User model - acts_as_authentic. I could overcome that by using
acts_as_authentic do |c|
c.validate_email_field = false
c.validate_password_field = false
and I used the validates_uniqueness_of :email etc from rails and customized them in en.yml

Is there a similar option on UserSession? How can I completely customize error messages for UserSession at the moment?

Sharanya S


jaredbeck commented Jan 23, 2018

Hello, I'm going through old authlogic issues and seeing what to do with them.
This one looks a bit like a usage question and a bit like a feature request.

If this is a feature request, it's still relevant, and you are committed to
implementing it, please open a new issue and we can discuss your implementation

If this is a usage question, please ask it on stackoverflow. Unfortunatley,
we just don't have enough volunteers to handle usage questions on github. Also,
please check the reference documentation. You might find something there
that's not in the readme.


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