Using Multiple Databases with authlogic - Authlogic Switches to using Alternative DB #25

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ghost commented Aug 7, 2009

I have a fairly generic setup of Authlogic using all defaults against a User table in my primary DB.

I have a 2nd separate database setup in my database.yml/models ala something like..

In database.yml ... a second_db entry

In an example model...
class ModelInOtherDB < ActiveRecord::Base
establish_connection :second_db

Whenever I use this MonelInOtherDB .. it works but when I reload the authlogic tries hitting the 2nd database not the primary DB with the User in it and faults with a ...

Could not find table ’user’ error

Ruby version 1.9.1 (i386-darwin9.6.0)
RubyGems version 1.3.3

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i have an another problem :
i have a secondary DBwith my "user" table. It works on "developement mode" but when i put my app in production (config.cache_classes = true) : i have a
"NoMethodError (undefined method `valid_password?' for #User:0x7f6398c3ca28)"

seizmo commented Jul 7, 2011

I can confirm this still exists in bug in 2.1.6. In production mode authlogic does not respect the "establish_connection" or set_table_name 'otherdb.users' in production mode.

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jaredbeck commented Dec 2, 2016

Closing after five years with no activity. If this is still a problem in the latest version (currently 3.5.0), please let us know.

jaredbeck closed this Dec 2, 2016

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