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update_attributes_without_session_maintenance #289

jamesbrink opened this Issue Nov 16, 2011 · 3 comments

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Just a feature request here. I have not had time to really look at the source of authlogic, but would it be much work to add a method such as update_attributes_without_session_maintenance, to allow someone such as an 'admin' for example to change a users password? Maybe I am doing something wrong but when i change a password in this way it creates a new session.

tiegz commented Jun 5, 2014

@jamesbrink have you tried doing something like save_without_session_mainteance?

@user.password = "some value"
@user.save_without_session_maintenance(:validate => false)

That would essentially be the same as using update_attributes, and this is what the reset_password! is doing:

febeling commented Mar 8, 2016

@jamesbrink – did the suggested approach solve the issue for you?


Yes I believe it did

@jamesbrink jamesbrink closed this Mar 12, 2016
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