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Rails 3.2.3 deprecation warning about partial_path #328

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Peter Philips Nathan Youngman
Peter Philips

Whenever I render a user_session form with:

form_for @user

I get the following deprecation warning:

DEPRECATION WARNING: partial_path is deprecated and will be removed from Rails 3.2 (ActiveModel::Name#partial_path is deprecated. Call #to_partial_path on model instances directly instead.). (called from _app_views_user_sessions_new_html_erb__2441170123836418502_2173164740 at /Users/pete/

I've googled around and people have said its been fixed, but I'm running rails latest stable(3.2.3) and authlogic latest(3.1.3)

I fixed it by putting the following in user_session.rb

def to_partial_path

the reason is because of this commit in rails: tobiassvn/rails@771635e
Am I missing something? or is this intended behavior?

Nathan Youngman

Assuming this has been addressed in a more recent version. Feel free to reopen if it's still an issue.

Nathan Youngman nathany closed this
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