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rspec + authlogic -> unable to ever log out during tests #75

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This is a bit of a strange one. I'm testing my logout action, simply testing to see if the user is logged-out after hitting the action.

It works fine in the browser, but never logs the user out in tests (at least user.reload.logged_in? is still true.) Logging in was fine once I discovered activate_authlogic, but logging out continues to elude me.

I understand that you don't use rspec, but I have no other recourse at this point. I've been trying for an hour to make a 5-line test I've written 20 times before to work and i'm about to slit my wrists here.


@xxx did you ever solve this? I'm seeing the same issue


user.logged_in? after destroying the session still returns true in my tests, but my guess is it's due to the test environment not being exactly the same as the real world. session[:user_credentials] is cleared on logout as you would expect, so that's what I'm testing for now.


I'm pretty sure I've encountered this too -- I posted to stack overflow before checking here

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