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knapo commented Dec 2, 2009

After upgrading to Rails 2.3.5 lot of tests fail on:

Message: NoMethodError: protected method `cookies' 
called for #<ActionView::TestCase::TestController:0x7f385cfeb1e0>
`cookie_credentials' vendor/bundler_gems/gems/authlogic-2.1.3/lib/authlogic/session/cookies.rb:106:in `persist_by_cookie' 
spob commented Dec 23, 2009

I'm getting the same problem running with AuthLogic 2.1.3.

knapo commented Jan 4, 2010

Because Rails 2.3.5 introduces lot of changes in tests (mostly in ActionView::TestCase) the controler method from Authlogic::TestCase no longer works and (sometimes) returns regular test controller instead of Authlogic mocked one.

I fixed it with a small change in lib/authlogic/test_case.rb (actually by adding it to my test_helper, as we need to require 'authlogic/test_case' anyway):

def activate_authlogic
  Authlogic::Session::Base.controller = (@request && Authlogic::TestCase::RailsRequestAdapter.new(@request)) || mock_controller

def mock_controller
  @mock_controller ||= Authlogic::TestCase::MockController.new

many thanks, that seems to help !

jaredbeck commented Dec 25, 2016 edited

Closing, as authlogic no longer supports rails 2.

@jaredbeck jaredbeck closed this Dec 25, 2016
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