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Cache Key with updated_at #81

dewski opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I realized using cache_key on any Authlogic based model will never really cache, because the updated_at attribute is always changing per refresh.

Here is the SQL that seems to be updating the user on refresh
UPDATE users SET updated_at = '2009-12-14 15:30:50', perishable_token = '6S-x8Qoy-18BaLadImBG', last_request_at = '2009-12-14 15:30:50' WHERE id = 7

Is there any way to remove the updated_at attribute from this?


ya...this is by far the most annoying thing about authlogic




After reading this post I added the following code to my Authlogic authentic model.

Please note that this code works for me in Rails 2, haven't tested it in later versions.

# Save the original class level inherited record timestamps value
alias_method :class_record_timestamps, :record_timestamps
# Gets the instance level record timestamps or fallback to the original value
def record_timestamps; defined?(@instance_record_timestamps) ? @instance_record_timestamps : class_record_timestamps; end
# Set the instance level record timestamps value
def record_timestamps=(value); @instance_record_timestamps = value; end

# Save the original save without session maintenance method
alias_method :orig_save_without_session_maintenance, :save_without_session_maintenance

# Override the save_without_session_maintenance method and wrap the save with
# disabling the record_timestamps on update.
def save_without_session_maintenance(*args)
  self.record_timestamps = false
  self.record_timestamps = nil

@guzart nice. I think this wouldn't work in Rails 4 because of a regression, but there's another way you might do it:

  def should_record_timestamps?
    changed_keys = self.changes.keys - ["last_request_at", "perishable_token", "updated_at", "created_at"]
    changed_keys.present? && super

I also overwrite my User#reset_perishable_token method such that it refreshes less often.

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