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I am long time authlogic fan (even after devise), thanks for making it :-)

Since Rails 3 came along, I found authlogic to be little flaky. Now that I have some time, I am trying to figure things out... In this small trivial fix, I've eliminated some deprecation notices related to Rails 3 for named_scope.

It will be great if you could tell me future plans/todos. I for one need the flexibility, and devise needs competition :D


Amol Hatwar
Exceed Consulting







jjb commented Jan 7, 2011

hi-- i'm going to try to maintain the One True Rails 3 Fork :) please send your pull request to

@eric eric commented on the diff Mar 14, 2011
@@ -70,7 +70,11 @@ module Authlogic
# Save the record and skip session maintenance all together.
def save_without_session_maintenance(*args)
self.skip_session_maintenance = true
- result = save(*args)
+ if ('3.0.0' <= Rails::VERSION::STRING)
eric Mar 14, 2011

It may make more sense to actually check for ActiveRecord::VERSION::MAJOR >= 3 as it's the ActiveRecord version that we care about here.


This has been pulled in from alternate pull request. Thanks.

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