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Dear gem maintainer: Please pull this change in. I see roughly 400 forked repos fixing this problem, so I think people would be very happy to get rid of deprecation messages in their terminals.

I'd second what bluepojo said. Much appreciated binarylogic :)

jjb commented Jan 7, 2011

hi-- i'm going to try to maintain the One True Rails 3 Fork :) please send your pull request to

@eric eric commented on the diff Mar 14, 2011
@@ -32,8 +32,8 @@ module Authlogic
klass.class_eval do
include InstanceMethods
- named_scope :logged_in, lambda { {:conditions => ["last_request_at > ?", logged_in_timeout.seconds.ago]} }
- named_scope :logged_out, lambda { {:conditions => ["last_request_at is NULL or last_request_at <= ?", logged_in_timeout.seconds.ago]} }
+ scope :logged_in, lambda { {:conditions => ["last_request_at > ?", logged_in_timeout.seconds.ago]} }
eric Mar 14, 2011

Will this break Rails 2?

ghost commented Apr 30, 2011

This has been pulled in from alternate pull request. Thanks.

@ghost ghost closed this Apr 30, 2011
This issue was closed.
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