Fixing Authlogic::Session::Callbacks for rails 3 #285

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I noticed this week that in 3.0.3 of Authlogic (w/Rails 3), the whole "persist" callback chain is run thru always, ignoring the callbacks that should halt the chain (someone also reported this a year ago: #194).

This patch implements CallbacksTest in Authlogic and ensures that persistence callbacks that return true will halt the persist callback chain.

tiegz added some commits Oct 17, 2011
@tiegz tiegz Fixing Authlogic::Session::Callbacks for new rails 3 callback system …
…(the run_callback block serves different purpose).

Also fixes an http_auth test that wasn't caught b/c of the callback bug (reset the persisted session when testing http auth multiple times).
@tiegz tiegz Minor fixes for Callbacks fix patch da4f628
@tiegz tiegz removing previous cleanup (the splat seems to cause an error in REE/P…
@tiegz tiegz final fix for define_callback argument issues (passing a hash at end …
…of args array)
@ghost ghost merged commit c7631c1 into binarylogic:master Oct 18, 2011
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