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Thought it might be nice if authlogic supported SCrypt! The code is very obviously modeled on the BCrypt provider. The one significant issue with it is that it doesn't support smooth cost-change-detection the same way BCrypt does; SCrypt has 5 tuning parameters, not just 1, and the scrypt gem doesn't provide great visibility to them to detect changes. Happy to try to come up with a solution for this in the future, might best be done with some simple changes to the scrypt gem to make it easier.

I also stumbled across, in reading over the CryptoProvider code, a fair number of simple typos; corrected those where I found them.

(note: I have no relationship to @pbhogan, the author of the scrypt gem.)

bensomers added some commits Sep 17, 2012
@bensomers bensomers Correcting out-of-date comment c629377
@bensomers bensomers Fixing typo in test name 09d4569
@bensomers bensomers Just cleaning up a few typos
And maybe adding one small editorial comment about
SHA1 :)
@bensomers bensomers Adding SCrypt support
Modeled very closely on BCrypt support. Unfortunately,
there is no simple way to detect tuning changes
(like BCrypt does with its cost parameter) with the
current ruby implementation of SCrypt.
pbhogan commented Sep 18, 2012

I'd be happy to accept any pull requests on the scrypt gem to expose whatever functionality you need, although I should probably warn you that the gem is largely unmaintained at this time. It really needs a new maintainer. :(


Awesome, I'll pull this in, thanks.

@binarylogic binarylogic merged commit 2646d12 into binarylogic:master Dec 7, 2012
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