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Hi Ben,

I am using Rails 4 beta for ActiveRecord and ActiveSupport. Doing rake test got me some (nine I think) errors. They were because:

  1. Bad tests, for Password Confirmation Stuff
  2. No fixed timezone, killed perishable functionality

I am sure you're aware of the deprecation warnings related to scope. They remain because I am not entirely sure about what's really happening there. But will try to fix things when I find more time. Meanwhile, getting this PR in will be great. Thanks :o)

@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@ do |s|
s.summary = %q{A clean, simple, and unobtrusive ruby authentication solution.}
s.description = %q{A clean, simple, and unobtrusive ruby authentication solution.}
- s.add_dependency 'activerecord', '>= 3.0.0'
- s.add_dependency 'activesupport', '>= 3.0.0'
+ s.add_dependency 'activerecord', '>= 4.0.0.beta1'

nathany Jun 14, 2013


I'm guessing we'd still want to support and test against Rails 3. I hope #368 will help.


binarylogic commented Jul 26, 2013

I believe we're using appraisal now to test both versions of rails

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