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module Searchlogic
module ActiveRecord
# Adds methods that give extra information about a classes named scopes.
module NamedScopes
# Retrieves the options passed when creating the respective named scope. Ex:
# named_scope :whatever, :conditions => {:column => value}
# This method will return:
# :conditions => {:column => value}
# ActiveRecord hides this internally in a Proc, so we have to try and pull it out with this
# method.
def named_scope_options(name)
key = scopes.key?(name.to_sym) ? name.to_sym : primary_condition_name(name)
if key
eval("options", scopes[key].binding)
# The arity for a named scope's proc is important, because we use the arity
# to determine if the condition should be ignored when calling the search method.
# If the condition is false and the arity is 0, then we skip it all together. Ex:
# User.named_scope :age_is_4, :conditions => {:age => 4}
# => false) == User.all
# => true) == User.all(:conditions => {:age => 4})
# We also use it when trying to "copy" the underlying named scope for association
# conditions. This way our aliased scope accepts the same number of parameters for
# the underlying scope.
def named_scope_arity(name)
options = named_scope_options(name)
options.respond_to?(:arity) ? options.arity : nil
# A convenience method for creating inner join sql to that your inner joins
# are consistent with how Active Record creates them. Basically a tool for
# you to use when writing your own named scopes. This way you know for sure
# that duplicate joins will be removed when chaining scopes together that
# use the same join.
def inner_joins(association_name), association_name, nil).join_associations.collect { |assoc| assoc.association_join }
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